Screaming Trump

Hello everyone! Todays post is going to focus on one of my recent “reimaginations” which I have named Screaming Trump.

Screaming Trump

This piece is a reimagination of Francis Bacons Screaming Pope, which is also actually a recreation of Velázquez’s painting of Pope innocent X. 

Francis Bacon – Screaming Pope                                   Velázquez – Pope Innocent X

I loved the way Bacon painted this piece, so I wanted to edit mine in a similar manner but in my own style. He painted many different versions of this painting from 1946 to the mid 60’s, however this one is the most well known of the series. After he painted the series he actually said he thought it was silly and he wish he had never done it. He then went on to remark he really likes the colour purple and he can’t usually paint with purple, however I feel this was an off remark about his work as an excuse to why he painted it. I took this and made sure my model was wearing purple and continued to edit in a purple style.

One thing that Bacon did not chose to include in his painting was the paper. Velázquez included his signature on the paper the Pope is holding, but it is difficult to read the date. I decided to write on this paper 2 + 2 = 5. This is a reference to George Orwell’s 1984, which evolves around the idea of brainwashing, constantly being watched and the prevention of “thought crimes”. I think this is extremely fitting for today. Also, Trumps adviser Kellyanne Conway refers to a fact given by their press security as an ‘alternative fact’. After this Orwells 1984 sold out completely on amazon. 

I also made sure the american flag pin Trump always wears is at a slight angle. His hand is intentionally looking slightly deformed, this is a reference to Trumps widely known insecurity of his small hands.

This piece was very interesting to do, I really enjoy using symbolism and referencing in my work which I will continue to do. I will keep blogging about my inspiration for my work to show my thought process. 

Thanks for reading!

Katherine Gammon


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